Sunday, 27 September 2015

Life Update: Off to Uni!!

The day has finally come, as of today I am officially an undergraduate!! I am studying English Literature at the University of Essex and I couldn't be more excited to throw myself into books and reading for the next three years. As you can tell from this blog, reading is a huge part of my life and it is so lovely to be able to learn more about it and hopefully get a job involving books. 

I am literally the last of my friends, or anyone I know for that matter, to be going so I have been getting very restless especially over this last week but I know I will be fine once I am there and settled. This is a huge shift in my life so please bear with me in terms of uploading blog posts, it is something I really want to keep up but I will just have to find a routine that works around my lectures (ahhh lectures!!!). 

So there's my little life update for now, I'm sure you will be hearing much more about my experience, I would love to do some posts giving tips for getting settled as I have found the whole process so confusing and stressful so I would love to help other people in the same boat!

Speak again soon!

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