Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Book Review: Paper Aeroplanes by Dawn O' Porter

Paper Aeroplanes narrates the tough lives of two high school girls, Renee and Flo in their struggle to fit in with the crowd whilst also struggling with some quite serious problems at home. Although very different in character, the girls find comfort and friendship in each other and work together to make life just that bit more bearable.

This book was recommended to me by a friend who described it as a book that was really fun to read and reminiscent of the first years of high school. I totally agree with that but it was also pretty hard hitting, my struggles during high school were very very small compared to what these two poor girls went through. That being said there are laugh out loud moments and you really get attached to the characters which makes it all the more enjoyable to learn where their stories lead. 

Definitely give this a read if you're looking for something to make you laugh and cry in equal parts, also there is a sequel which I will definitely get around to reading at some point! Let me know if you've read this, or if you've read the sequel and think it's any good.


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