Friday, 14 August 2015

Book Review: One Million Lovely Letters by Jodi Ann Bickley

Carrie Fletcher (ItsWayPastMyBedtime on YouTube) made this video all about this book and the project behind the story. She explains it much better than I can so give that a little watch to give you some context. This book is written by Jodi and narrates her inspiring and quite frankly tragic experiences: contracting a brain infection from a tick bite which left her immobilised on her right side and triggered a chronic fatigue disease to top it all off, but it ends in a very uplifting way as she describes how this led to the incredible project which is 'One Million Lovely Letters' (OMLL) which not only gave her purpose and dug her out of a very dark place, but also it helped thousands of others all over the world who were also struggling in their day to day life. 

In a nut-shell, OMLL asks people in need of guidance or help to email Jodi to which she sends a hand written 'hug-in-an-envelope' to brighten their day and remind them that they matter. The project has been so successful that now Jodi has a team of people to meet the ever increasing demand she is receiving. 

It was so incredible to me that Jodi took on something which so drastically changed her life yet she was still determined to help others. Even when she was fit and healthy she would leave little notes on trains or buses and write a thank you note to leave with the bill at a restaurant. I think this is something everyone should try, we have this misconception that once we leave the comfort of our homes we should steer clear of all strangers as they could be murderers or 'weirdos' but quite frankly 80% of people we see in the street are just like us and our families, facing the same problems we face. How much effort does it really take to compliment their shoes or to ask them about the book they are reading on the train? This could make their day or even just make them smile, not only that but you feel good yourself for finding this connection with a total stranger.

If you are inspired my Jodi's story and want to help with her prohectm her website she is asking for 'lovely letters' for an exhibtion called 'Find The Right Words' where people can visit and take the letter that most speaks to them which can be written and donated by you. Or there are other little opportunities that pop up which you can read about to support Jodi's wonderful work. 

I had to write a post about Jodi because I just found the whole concept so touching and inspiring, even more so because this is totally off her own back. If I can help even by raising awareness on my little blog then I will be so pleased. I will definitely be sending in some letters for her exhibition too! Sometimes we get so caught up in our own worlds and our own problems we forget about everyone around us. Let me know in the comments or tweet me @whatmelthinks if you want to get involved too or if you plan to send in a letter to help her out :) 


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