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Book Review: Allegiant (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

I didn't know how to write this review without referencing it's incredible and impactful ending so apologies for the spoilage (if that is a word).
As someone who has read both Divergent and Insurgent, I would call myself a follower of the series rather than a 'fan'. Don't get me wrong I fully connected with the characters and I loved the concept, but it just doesn't stick out to me as an amazing trilogy. However, Allegiant was the perfect way to finish it off and managed to bring out a strong bond with Tris and Tobias which I wasn't aware I had. 

Firstly, Veronica Roth is the ultimate troll as she not only placed Tris and co in this supposedly Dystopian world where there was nothing outside but the remains of our world, fooling them in to believing that their four factions compromised the entire earth, BUT SHE FOOLED US TOO! This genre went from post apocalyptic to I don't even know what category in a matter of pages. This is such a crazy but clever idea that keeps the reader on their toes. 

The structure of the narrative was also beautiful as we got to see inside the mind of the mysterious Tobias, his character development from a Dauntless to a Pacifist was very interesting to witness. Also, you could clearly see that Tris' confusing but intense love for him was definitely reciprocated which was comforting to know as Roth doesn't make Tobias an easy character to figure out from the outside. 

My only problem with the narrative, as I have found with the whole trilogy, is that the plot progression becomes slightly too slow and requires more reader effort somewhere around the middle, However in all cases it is worth pushing through to make it to the shocking endings, this one being the most incredible of all. 

This is the only book I have ever read where-in the protagonist dies. That sounds really lame as if I really haven't read many books but once you think about it, it is a really difficult thing to do if the one dying is the narrative voice. Roth was so daring to make this decision as for some it can feel like a let down but for me it was so emotional and shocking, I have to admit that this is the first time in a long time that I have had a good old cry at a book. However when you look back at Roth's inclusion of Tobias in the narration then you can kind of guess where it is going. 

What makes the Divergent trilogy special for me is the characterisation, the plot itself can be slow at times but I always have to go back to it to see where Tris and Tobias have ended up. For me Roth ended their stories in the perfect way, Tris dies a martyr leaving behind her a world free of oppression and segregation. This is the way she has always wanted to die, just like her parents so she would feel like she had made them proud. Tobias is also left feeling like he has finally found the place where he fits in in the world and seems the most content he has ever been (but obviously with a huge chunk ripped out of his heart, hence the tears on my behalf).

For me, this was the best of the trilogy. It does always seem to end up this way with any series but Veronica Roth outdone herself with emotion, characterisation and generally insane concepts that were very very unique in the dystopian genre. 

If you have read this, which I hope you have otherwise I have just ruined everything, let me know what you thought of 'Allegiant', Did it live up to the others in the trilogy? Or did you feel like the ending was a complete cop out? 

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