Monday, 6 July 2015

No-Makeup Week: Day 7 and Round Up

Day 7: Work

I didn't feel so good today, I think I've got a stomach bug which is going around so I nearly didn't go to work. On a day like this I would never bother with make-up anyway so it wasn't much of a change. But despite feeling drained I have noticed an improvement in my confidence without make-up because I have realised that nobody even noticed a difference. 

To sum up what I have learnt through this little experiment: make-up doesn't affect your appearance as much as you would think. Nobody noticed a change throughout this week, my boyfriend who knew I was doing this even said that he couldn't tell if I was wearing make-up or not. I wasn't treated any different by family, friends or at work. 

However, I think that make-up can be a useful tool to give yourself that extra bit of confidence. For example at my interview on Saturday I wore make-up because it made me feel more professional, not because I thought they wouldn't employ me if I had a spot or two on show. In this sense make-up can be a good thing just to give you that added boost. The problem with it arises when the thought of leaving the house without it makes you nervous. 

To the people who feel that way I challenge you to try just one day maybe if you're just nipping into town with family or going round a friend's house completely bare faced and see if anyone notices. I can almost promise you that the way you look is 10 times more important to you than it is to the people who love you. It will be difficult to get comfortable in your natural skin but if you are brave and try maybe even for a week like I have, I can promise you your skin will thank you and so will your self-esteem.

So what do you think about make-up? Have you tried banning it for a week before or will you now? Let me know in the comments because it is a debate which I am really interested in.  


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