Friday, 24 July 2015

10 Years Time

Me about 10 years ago hahahaha
For a lot of people the future is scary, but I love to sit and day dream about where I see myself in 10 years. What started this was my Grandad complaining that so many people go into university and get to the age of 20 without actually having any ambition or goals. It kind of woke me up to the fact that now I'm 'officially' an adult I should be thinking about what I want to do in my adult life. I have always had dreams but I wanted to try and think of something achievable so I can look back at the age of 28 and see how I have done.

  1. To be content with my career which will hopefully involve writing and books, and to feel as if I am progressing through it to reach a stable position where I am comfortable.
  2. To be married or engaged, in my mind mid to late 20s has always been the age that I want to settle down and think about starting a family. Hopefully if number 1 happens I will be financially stable enough to do so!
  3. To have travelled a lot with my boyfriend, I'm thinking weekend getaways to Paris or New York, and a holiday to Australia or New Zealand. 
  4. To have found a house in an area where I am comfortable living, eg. not too far from my parents that I can't see them at least once a week but also the right location for my job.
  5. To maintain the close relationship I have with my family. This won't be hard because I am a huuugely family orientated person but I will put in all the effort to see my lovely family as much as possible.
  6. To be happy. Ultimately this is the biggest goal for me and if none of the above happen but I am still totally content with where I am and where I'm heading I will not have a problem. And probably by then I will have grown an awful lot and made entirely new plans for the next 10 years! 
What are  your goals for the future and do you think we should all know where we are aiming in life? Leave a comment to let me know. 

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Beauty Review: BaByliss Curling Wand Pro

As a girl who was born with hair that is absolutely dead straight, it has been somewhat of a challenge to find a way of curling my hair to change up my look a bit. I am someone who loves experimenting with new hairstyles, I always have to have something going on for me to feel nice and presentable. I have spent so much money over the years on various curling irons and tried plaiting my hair or wrapping it round a headband while I sleep but nothing worked... until now! Dramatic I know, but a friend told me about this and it was so cheap I had to try it! From Argos it costed me only £19.99! So I got it home and gave it a go.

My hairdresser had told me before that curls hold better either straight after washing and drying your hair or on hair that hadn't been styled already and that is definitely what has worked best for me. To show how it works I did a very simple ponytail which a curled, but when I took it out to go to bed I discovered that this was actually a really good way of curling thick hair without having to section it all off and it achieves a very natural loose curl which is just what I wanted.

As you can see the iron has 4 heat settings which you can use depending on how thick your hair is or how well it holds a curl. I used the 180 setting because my hair is quite weak already because I've had the ends bleached and I find this works well enough that the curls last until the next day.

To actually curl your hair it's as simple as wrapping it around the barrel which is completely safe as they provide a glove to prevent you burning your hand. Then hold for 8-10 seconds and let the hair drop leaving a curl like so. When you finish curling, wait for the curls to cool and then comb through them with your fingers leaving a more natural wave.

It is really as easy as that, my only issue is that the ends don't quite curl but this may be just down to my technique and possibly just something I need to work on, but I find that once the curls drop the ends blend it well enough. Another problem I have had with it is that I had quite a nasty burn on my neck from it, this again may just be down to practice and now I am a lot more careful when using it, but it is something you need to be cautious of before using it. 

I would really recommend this curling iron if nothing else seems to be working, for this price it's worth a try! I would also love to hear any of your hair curling tips and also how to get the curls to stay put as this is something else I need to work on. Let me know in the comments :)

Friday, 17 July 2015

Book Review: 1984 by George Orwell

This is probably a slightly unconventional choice to review on a blog like mine but hey I'm going to give it a quick review anyway! But I promise NO SPOILERS, because I think this is worth a read for anyone.
This book is obviously highly valued in the world of literature and I feel like anyone who would totally slander it is missing the social message hidden between the pages. Orwell actually published this in 1949 predicting what life would be like in 1984 which is so interesting and insightful especially since I have just finished a history course studying Stalin's Russia to the Cold War. To begin with I didn't really get where this was set as there were huge references to Russia's totalitarian regime from 1929-1953 such as the continuing 'Five Year Plans'. However, Orwell predicted that this would spread to England and communism would triumph over capitalism. As this definitely did not happen, it is really interesting to see the alternate universe of what would have happened if it did. 

It was also really weird to see how much Orwell's novel has impacted our modern society, for example the tv shows 'Big Brother' and 'Room 101' are both references to '1984'. Big Brother is the leader of the society who is all seeing, which somehow got transformed into D-list celebrities trapped in a house, smoking and drinking whilst we all watch them. Yet you can see where they were going with it... Room 101 is a reference to a place where those who defy the leaders of society and they are forced to face their worst fear, again this was represented in a show where three celebrities moan about things that annoy them such as 'Welsh people' in one case. I'm sure this wasn't quite what Orwell had in mind when writing but it is really interesting that the ideas of this novel are so prominent today without us even being aware!
In general, '1984' demonstrates the luxury of freedom of speech and creativity, even if you haven't ever studied Communist Russia this is really interesting to read to gain an insight into what we very narrowly escaped. The fact that Orwell predicted this would happen shows that it was a very real threat!

Okay, the literature side of me escaped for a bit there. But seriously just read it! If you have then leave a comment with your reaction to it, everyone I speak to seems to have a different idea about what it means! 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

My 18th Birthday

So yesterday was my 18th birthday and officially the best day of my life. Last night I promised myself I had to document it somehow so I thought what better way than on my blog? This is a very different post for me but it's always good to try new things!

My family had planned the whole day as a surprise for me, all I knew was that I was busy all day. By the time the day came I was really curious to know what this big surprise was, usually I'm quite good at sniffing out clues but they had covered their tracks so well that I did not have any idea what I may be up to that day. 

First of all I opened my presents! As it was a big birthday Mum let me pick out a handbag and pair of shoes that I wanted to treat me.

Mum had also picked up on other things I had been saving up for such as this gorgeous jumpsuit from Topshop and the kimono from Quiz. 

Also, it wouldn't be an 18th birthday without celebrating the fact I can legally drink, so my parents bought me a beautiful champagne flute and a mini bottle of champagne to drink from it! 
My sister got me a photo frame of us both in which now has pride of place on my windowsill. 

After that we had a breakfast of croissants and tea which was amazing and my family had decorated the table with lots of '18' confetti with two 18 candles which Mum creatively stuck into a potato. (You have to love her) 

Then it was time to get ready and get on the road, Mum and my sister got in the car with me and all I was told was how long it was likely to take to get there. We eventually arrived in the beautiful town of Bury St Edmunds and to be honest at first I didn't know what exactly there was to do in Bury but we arrived at this shopping centre called 'arc' which is a thing of pure dreams. It literally has all of my favourite shops in it!

After a little look round the shops Mum told me it was time for lunch. I have always said to Mum that I would love to have a cocktail on my birthday as I'm not really big on alcohol but cocktails are much more my kind of thing. We walked down the road and arrived at a cocktail bar called 'Ivory', the only cocktail bar my Mum could find anywhere near us.

I had a 'Pretty Lady' cocktail which consisted of Peach Archers, Apple Sourz and Creme de Cassis shaken with Orange juice over ice. As first legal drinks go, this was definitely a winner.

Then we got back to shopping, Mum told me we had to be back at the car to get home in time to meet my Dad for a meal so we headed back. But just before we got to the car park Mum said 'I think we have time for one more treat' then lead my down the road to a Spa where I was booked to have my make-up and nails done!! This was so exciting for me because I've only had my make-up done professionally once before and I felt very glamorous for a meal out in the evening.

We arrived at my favourite restaurant in my town 'Zizzi's' and were walking in to meet my Dad when I noticed my boyfriend sitting there too, when we got to the table literally my whole family had come to surprise me and joined us for the meal. 

For the final surprise of the day, as if my emotions could take any more, the cake was brought out and I might be being bias but it is the most incredible cake I have ever seen! Mum had asked me months ago what my top three books and musicians were and she had used it to put onto the top of the cake. The woman who made it for us had made my Mum a cake for her 50th and it was almost as amazing as this one (but as this was mine it was just that liiittle bit better). 

So that was my wonderful birthday. I realise I have gone through every possible adjective to describe how totally astounded I was by the whole day but it is so hard to put into words what this meant to me. The fact that my family had put months of time and effort into putting this together makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. 

As I sat around the table at Zizzi's I couldn't believe all these people had given up an evening to surprise me and make my birthday even more special, even those members of my family I don't get to see very often. It is safe to say that at the end of the day I felt very overwhelmed from all the attention just for little old me, which is why I need to document how lucky I am. My incredible boyfriend has actually still got a surprise day planned for me next week and made it to my meal even though he really isn't very well which made my day completely perfect. 

This day was the best day of my life and such a good way to start my 'adult' life. Now I have to find a way to show everyone involved just how grateful I am which is near enough impossible! 

Monday, 6 July 2015

No-Makeup Week: Day 7 and Round Up

Day 7: Work

I didn't feel so good today, I think I've got a stomach bug which is going around so I nearly didn't go to work. On a day like this I would never bother with make-up anyway so it wasn't much of a change. But despite feeling drained I have noticed an improvement in my confidence without make-up because I have realised that nobody even noticed a difference. 

To sum up what I have learnt through this little experiment: make-up doesn't affect your appearance as much as you would think. Nobody noticed a change throughout this week, my boyfriend who knew I was doing this even said that he couldn't tell if I was wearing make-up or not. I wasn't treated any different by family, friends or at work. 

However, I think that make-up can be a useful tool to give yourself that extra bit of confidence. For example at my interview on Saturday I wore make-up because it made me feel more professional, not because I thought they wouldn't employ me if I had a spot or two on show. In this sense make-up can be a good thing just to give you that added boost. The problem with it arises when the thought of leaving the house without it makes you nervous. 

To the people who feel that way I challenge you to try just one day maybe if you're just nipping into town with family or going round a friend's house completely bare faced and see if anyone notices. I can almost promise you that the way you look is 10 times more important to you than it is to the people who love you. It will be difficult to get comfortable in your natural skin but if you are brave and try maybe even for a week like I have, I can promise you your skin will thank you and so will your self-esteem.

So what do you think about make-up? Have you tried banning it for a week before or will you now? Let me know in the comments because it is a debate which I am really interested in.  


Saturday, 4 July 2015

No-Makeup Week: Day 6

Day 6: Interview and Failure

Today I had an interview and I just couldn't go without wearing a bit of make-up. I have been trying to decipher exactly why I felt I had to do this, I think I use make-up as something to give me an extra boost of confidence, which I definitely needed today! This is, I think, how it should be used yet it is still a little bit sad that I felt my natural skin wouldn't be acceptable for some reason. So today I failed and gave in to wearing make-up but it has taught me a lot more about my personal relationship with the stuff.


Friday, 3 July 2015

No-Makeup Week: Day 5

Day 5: My Sister's Prom Day

I am actually really happy with how my skin is reacting to this whole bare faced thing! It seems that the longer I go without make-up the more normal it feels and the clearer my skin gets! I felt completely normal and didn't think twice before leaving the house this morning. Honestly this was so worth doing because my confidence has improved so much and I have proved that you don't need make-up to be happy!

Sixth Form Prom

A week ago I had my Sixth Form prom, this isn't such a big deal as the prom at the end of Year 11 (which my sister actually has today!), but as someone who loves to dress up and make an effort I was so excited to get an outfit together to end my years at high school with a bang. 

Dress: Mela Loves London (House of Fraser) / Shoes: New Look / Bows Attached To Shoes: eBay / Hair Clips: H&M / Earrings: Forever 21 /

I wanted to experiment with make-up as I thought the dress called for something dramatic. I looked all over the internet then I came across this tutorial by Queen Tanya Burr herself. This was so perfect for what I had envisioned so I used this but put on my own drug store twist by using this Maybelline Quad for eyeshadow in 'Green Drama' and Soap and Glory's Supercat eyeliner topped off with Benefit's 'Roller Lash' mascara. Apart from that I used a simple make-up routine as I wanted my eyes to be the main focus. (If you would like me to show you my every day make-up routine, leave a comment and I'd be happy to do it).

My boyfriend came round to take some pictures so I thought I would show him off on my blog because doesn't he look incredible? I am a very lucky girl!  

And finally my lovely Mum and sister! Mum provided the cutest little bottle of champagne for me and my boyfriend and her and my sister were very much needed for moral support when I was having a meltdown because my hair or make-up wasn't perfect. I do love them both :) 

Overall it was a great evening and a really good way to celebrate after the end of exams and sixth form! Now for the next chapter of my life... University!

Have you had your school prom yet? Whether you are in Year 11 or Sixth Form let me know in the comments, I would love to know what you wore and how you found it :) 


Thursday, 2 July 2015

No Makeup Week: Day 4

Day 4: Chilled Day 

Today was a lot easier, it felt just like a normal day because I was just out and about with my boyfriend then just relaxing at home. On days like this I wouldn't usually bother with makeup anyway and my boyfriend never notices the difference so that makes me very comfortable! Apart from two spots that have sprouted on my forehead, I think my skin is loving the break from the congestion of makeup! This is seeming to become way more normal now, and saving me so much time in the morning! 

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

No-Makeup Week: Day 3

Day 3: The Hottest Day of the Year and Work

Today was a tough one. I looked in the mirror this morning and didn't know how I could leave the house looking and feeling like this. I so very nearly just put on a bit of makeup to make myself feel better but I was strict with myself. The thing is that once I left the house and stopped staring at myself in the mirror I actually forgot I wasn't wearing makeup and had a perfectly normal day. Still no comments but that's better than negative ones. It was hard to push myself to even upload a picture today but I want to prove that nobody treats you any different with or without foundation on your face and I was just punishing myself for no reason. If people are worth knowing then they will value you for more than how you look, and probably to them you look completely normal. I hope that tomorrow is a bit easier than today but I am happy that I didn't give in. 

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