Tuesday, 30 June 2015

No-Makeup Week: Day 2

This is the second instalment of my 'no-makeup week' on my blog. If you didn't see my first post, I explain the reasoning behind it there so click here to find out what inspired me to try this out!

Day 2 - Work and a trip to my Grandparents' house

I will admit that today was a lot more difficult and I actually nearly gave in and reached for some concealer to cover under my eyes. I had an early start today for work and so I obviously looked very tired; I like to feel presentable and look professional when I go to work so not wearing make-up was very odd to me and I didn't realise how dependent I was on it to make me feel confident. But I just said to myself that I have to keep at this and it will become more natural to me, I just have to adjust to it.

Still nobody commented, even people who I work with every week and have probably never seen me without make-up ever before. I am taking this as a sign that make-up does not affect how people think of me, even though I would love someone to say 'wow your skin looks so clear and natural', nobody says that to me even when I do wear make-up! Going to my Grandparents' wasn't a problem as I don't feel self conscious at all with family, but going to work bare faced will definitely take some getting used to! I have to work again tomorrow so we will try that out again, but I am very happy to say I did not give in!

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