Monday, 29 June 2015

No-Makeup Week: Day 1

You may already know that I am a strong advocate of natural beauty as opposed to feeling under pressure to cover up your skin with make-up. (Mostly because I had a little rant about it in this post) I have always wanted to prove this opinion and hopefully inspire some other people to feel the same. When I came across this post Cosmopolitan posted on their website where  attempted to go a whole week without 
touching make-up, I felt inspired to try it out for myself. I was very surprised that she couldn't make it the whole week and gave in a few times. I am really curious to see if it is really that hard and I promise to be honest if I do happen to cave mid way through. This is just a really interesting experiment and relates to the points I was making in the previous post about whether we need make-up in order to be content in our lives and feel confident in public. 

Day 1 - Shopping in town with Mum and my sister

Day 1 went surprisingly well, I honestly didn't feel any different or more self conscious and I actually noticed how clear my skin looked as I happened to see myself in the mirror. I didn't get any comments (positive or negative) which probably means nobody noticed any difference! Skipping make-up definitely cut my 'getting ready' time in half as I always take way too long making sure everything looks perfect. I had a lovely day in the miracle that is British sunshine and my skin feels so clear and fresh as it isn't caked it make-up which would inevitably melt off throughout the day.

It is safe to say day 1 was a total success!!

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