Thursday, 29 January 2015

Mini Life Update

Things are pretty crazy at the moment in my life, it's the final few months at sixth form so the work is all piling up: coursework + exam prep + resits does not leave much free time!

Also, last week I took my driving theory test and passed with 48/50  which  I was soooo pleased about, it's just another thing that is off my mind. Hopefully soon I will be able to book the practical and get on the road.

Yesterday I had an interview at a university I have applied for, which was very nerve-racking but it honestly wasn't so bad, it was incredibly relaxed and to be honest, the whole day has put me in a quandary in terms of my firm and insurance choices! I am now waiting for that one to get back to me then luckily I will have my choice of the five I have applied for,

I wish wish wish I had more time for blogging, it's so therapeutic for me! I have a few ideas for posts in my notebook so hopefully they will be coming up soon, but I wanted to make this little mini one to assure everyone that I haven't disappeared forever! I have had a sick day today so I thought this was the perfect excuse to give me time to write!

Stick with me. there are some really exciting things coming up soon! 


  1. Well done on passing your theory test, You did better than me :) I thought I failed mine, next is your pratical, it's such a great feeling being able to drive!
    I wish I had more time to blog too, don't worry too much just more to look forward to when you do blog.

    Meme xx

    Latest post out now 'Waterstones Mini Haul'

    1. Thanks! I can't wait to just get it over with for the freedom! Yeah I guess so, but I love being able to interact with the blogging community, I just don't get the time :( xx


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