Monday, 19 January 2015

MAJOR DISCOVERY: Bourjois 123 Perfect Colour Correcting Cream

Now I'm not a self confessed beauty blogger, or lifestyle as it happens but I've been heading that way lately! Basically, I found this amazing product that I had to share. It is, if you hadn't guessed, the 'Bourjois 123 Perfect Colour Correcting Cream'.

I heard about the product on Fleur's channel in this video, and I was looking for something light to replace my current BB creams so this seemed perfect. It was only £9.99 which I think is a reasonable price for something that makes up the base of your make-up. (and the majority in my case). Also it comes it four very variable shades, I have the ivory which is perfect for my skin tone. 

As this is a CC cream I really didn't expect much coverage but it honestly made such an incredible difference to my skin. I do still use a bit of concealer but not nearly as much as I had to with previous BB Creams. You cannot tell it is there as it is so lightweight but I can't get over how amazing it makes my skin look! The packaging says it has SPF 15 and 24 hour hydration which is just an added bonus. It never dries my skin out, I even think it has made a difference to my complexion since using it and made my skin more radiant. 

This is a short little post but it is rare I get this excited over a beauty product and thought it was perfect for those low maintenance girls like myself that just chuck on a bit of make-up and run out of the door. If you already have this let me know what you think, or if you try it let me know how you get on! It really is such a holy grail product that the world must know about! 

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