Thursday, 29 January 2015

Mini Life Update

Things are pretty crazy at the moment in my life, it's the final few months at sixth form so the work is all piling up: coursework + exam prep + resits does not leave much free time!

Also, last week I took my driving theory test and passed with 48/50  which  I was soooo pleased about, it's just another thing that is off my mind. Hopefully soon I will be able to book the practical and get on the road.

Yesterday I had an interview at a university I have applied for, which was very nerve-racking but it honestly wasn't so bad, it was incredibly relaxed and to be honest, the whole day has put me in a quandary in terms of my firm and insurance choices! I am now waiting for that one to get back to me then luckily I will have my choice of the five I have applied for,

I wish wish wish I had more time for blogging, it's so therapeutic for me! I have a few ideas for posts in my notebook so hopefully they will be coming up soon, but I wanted to make this little mini one to assure everyone that I haven't disappeared forever! I have had a sick day today so I thought this was the perfect excuse to give me time to write!

Stick with me. there are some really exciting things coming up soon! 

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Book Review: How to Build a Girl

This book was a Christmas present from my parents and I was SO excited to read it, I had heard all about 'How to Be a Woman' and was getting round to reading that but then this came out and I was set on reading it first. I have to admit I didn't realise it was fiction (I know you're all face-palming) but this little surprise was very welcome as soon as I started reading it.

The book follows the journey of Johanna Morrigan as she aspires to become a music journalist. Automatically this peeked my interest (hello... journalism...)  and the way Moran writes is just so enjoyable that I could not put it down. I love how she isn't at all phased by some of the topics most of us would cringe at (for example masturbation, which she throws in in the opening sentence). Also, she writes things that are so true! At one point she is describing Johanna walking down the street and she wrote about the common teenage misconception that everyone is always watching and judging you . It makes you actually laugh out loud because you know you think in this way too.

I believe this story is loosely based on Moran's own experiences, however she assures us her parents were so awful as poor Johanna's. I love the moral that the things that happen in our lives are all pieces towards a larger puzzle of wisdom.

And on that rather deep note, I urge you to give this book a read! I feel like I really learnt a lot about just letting go and taking life as it comes. I'm a strong believer in fate and I think sometimes we need to just let things happen, no matter how scary or strange they seem at the time.

Have you read Caitlin Moran's new book? If so let me know what you thought of it! Or also if you've read 'How to Be a Woman' tell me if it's worth a read or if it would go right over my head as I wouldn't particularly class myself as a woman yet.

Monday, 19 January 2015

MAJOR DISCOVERY: Bourjois 123 Perfect Colour Correcting Cream

Now I'm not a self confessed beauty blogger, or lifestyle as it happens but I've been heading that way lately! Basically, I found this amazing product that I had to share. It is, if you hadn't guessed, the 'Bourjois 123 Perfect Colour Correcting Cream'.

I heard about the product on Fleur's channel in this video, and I was looking for something light to replace my current BB creams so this seemed perfect. It was only £9.99 which I think is a reasonable price for something that makes up the base of your make-up. (and the majority in my case). Also it comes it four very variable shades, I have the ivory which is perfect for my skin tone. 

As this is a CC cream I really didn't expect much coverage but it honestly made such an incredible difference to my skin. I do still use a bit of concealer but not nearly as much as I had to with previous BB Creams. You cannot tell it is there as it is so lightweight but I can't get over how amazing it makes my skin look! The packaging says it has SPF 15 and 24 hour hydration which is just an added bonus. It never dries my skin out, I even think it has made a difference to my complexion since using it and made my skin more radiant. 

This is a short little post but it is rare I get this excited over a beauty product and thought it was perfect for those low maintenance girls like myself that just chuck on a bit of make-up and run out of the door. If you already have this let me know what you think, or if you try it let me know how you get on! It really is such a holy grail product that the world must know about! 

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Relax Routine

We all deserve a bit of me time, there's nothing that makes me feel calmer or better prepared for a big event the next day than to have a pamper evening. I thought I would show you what I like to do so that you can try something new next time, or just to inspire you to have one yourself!

1. Run a bath

Baths are something I have to do when I need to relax, I like to use a lush bath bomb usually but tonight I thought I'd try out a bath soak I got for Christmas from a Secret Santa! Its called 'So.. much bubble' from the brand Along Came Betty. As you can see it created loads of bubbles and also it smelt amaaazing.

2. While it's running

As my bath takes ages to fill up, I use this time to get on with other things such as putting on a face mask. I love the Superfacialist Tea Flower Facial Scrub which is availible here in Boots - the packaging is a bit different now. During this time I will also light a few candles (you will start to see a recurring theme with these) and grab a glass of water.

3. Have a bath

When I'm in the bath sometimes I'll read, but its much more relaxing (and less potentially dangerous) to listen to music. I love Florence and the Machine, Lana Del Rey, Paloma Faith or Ed Sheeran when I'm trying to relax.

4. Make a hot drink

I love to have a warm drink to make me feel all cosy, I chose tea tonight so I could use the cuuute teapot that my sister bought me for Christmas.

5. Find somewhere comfy

I've set up here with a big blanket, candles (told you), and my kindle because I have to power read Rebecca for some coursework I'm starting on Monday.

6. Relaaaax

Here you can do whatever you makes you happy: watch a film, read a book, sit with family. I decided to paint my nails and then curl up with Rebecca until it was time for bed.

I hope you found my routine interesting, now go and have your own pamper evening!
Just a side note, I am in love with my Kindle! Particularly for classics and assigned reading because it's so useful to look words up and make notes at the touch of a button. (Follow up post might be coming on this)

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Esio Trot - Film Review

I am probably not the imagined audience for this and as you hear that this is a film adaptation of a Roald Dahl book, you may think you aren't either but wait! This is a perfect film for all ages! It tells the story of Mr Hoppy (played by Dustin Hoffman) and his unrequited love in the form of Mrs Silver (played by Dame Judi Dench). He goes to all lengths to try and impress her, including filling his flat with 50 tortoises of all shapes and sizes. 

This was an absolute delight to watch, it was so simple yet incredibly heart warming and enjoyable. Every line and item of scenery was expertly selected and executed. Also with such a star studded cast as this was, you couldn't really miss it! (James Corden also narrated so obviously I had to watch it). 

For young children, it has Dahl's imaginative narration and plot. For teenagers it reminds them of the much loved books of their childhood such as The Twits and of course Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. For adults it has the same effect, but also the story's protagonists are relate-able people that share a message: it is never to late to find true love.

I had to do a blog post about this because I have not enjoyed a film so much for a while, yet it was so easy to watch! I don't even have enough words to express how much I enjoyed it. Watching it yourself will convince you of how it really is so well adapted from the story we knew as children. It is availible here on BBC iPlayer.

Friday, 2 January 2015

New Years Resolutions / Goals

I have always been a lover of the cliché: 'new year, new start'. I think if you want to change things in your life then the new year gives you great incentive to do so! In the past I have made very general resolutions such as 'be more positive' but this doesn't give me anything constructive to do in order to achieve it. This is why I have thought long and hard about my resolutions this year and instead made them into attainable goals that I can actually say I have achieved at the end of the year. 


  • Be more grateful - I have downloaded the app 'Gratitude365' where you write down things you are grateful for every day, I want to write at least 3, I feel like I get too wound up in  my own issues and forget to notice the amazing things I do have. Hopefully this will help me to stop being so overwhelmed too! 

  • Pass my driving test - This is more of a straightforward goal. My best friend has just passed his driving test which has made me even more impatient to pass my own. Also, at least once every day I think how much easier so many things would be if I could drive! I think I could pass now but it's just a case of perfecting and being sure. 

  • Save money - I have had a job for 6 months now so it's more than time now to get over the excitable rich stage. University is looming ever closer and I need to save a certain amount of my paycheck rather than spending it on books and makeup... 


  • Get organised - I really need to plan more, I am loving blogging but I need to also develop some sort of routine. At the moment I upload something every Monday but I'm thinking of maybe doing something more to do with lifestyle or even a bit of beauty then and something to do with books or media on a Wednesday? I will need to think of names and get it straight in my own head first but 2015 will be the year this blog becomes more profesh ;) 

  • Review Requests - I need to man up with these. I absolutely love that authors have approached me to review their books, and I am so grateful. However, I need to limit myself to perhaps one requested review a month, otherwise I am rushing around trying to read them all then there will be three straight weeks of posts I have been asked to write. I never accept anything I'm not genuinely interested in, but I think it's important that I have the space to write my own interests that have come off the top of my head. 

  • Goodreads - Why do I always forget about this incredibly convenient and helpful website? I went to do the book review survey everyone is doing but then I realised my Goodreads account is in a complete state. I need to get this organised and updated whenever I finish a book. 

Sorry for the rambly, rather long, post. If you're anything like me, it's interesting to hear what other people are up to and what's going on in their mind. I think things need to get a bit more personal over here so that's what I'm trying to do! Let me know what your new years resolutions are in the comments and may the new year be happy for you all :) 
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