Monday, 22 December 2014

To Kindle or not to Kindle

I have always been someone who has shunned kindles because honestly you can't beat the experience of reading an actual book, building a collection e.t.c. Although, recently I have been warming more and more to the idea. 

My Reasons: 
  • When I get requests to review books, more often than not they are only availible on Kindle or E-reader, this means that I have to read them on my iPhone which just isn't comfortable and after an hour or so my eyes feel like they're strained and the font is way too small.
  • When I go on holiday, the books I take with me weigh more than my clothes and shoes combined. It makes so much more sense to have one light device which can store thousands of books. 
  • Also, on the holiday theme, if I run out of books to read whilst I'm on holiday I'm very stuck. With a kindle I could just download another one. 
  • Books are mostly just as expensive on a Kindle so I wouldn't really be saving any money.
  • I can't share the books with my family and friends.
  • The electronic screen might make my eyes strain just as much, when I read it's to get away from staring at a screen! 
So this is me on the edge of buying one, because they're actually quite cheap, but I really need some pushing to do so. Do any of you have kindles? If you do, are they worth the money? Or will they never compare to a good old physical book? Please let me know! 

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