Monday, 29 December 2014

Blogger Gift Swap: The Gifts!

I wrote about this event just over a month ago, and I was paired up with the lovely Charlotte from 'The World According to Charlottle Coster'. She put up her post about my gifts a couple of days ago so you can check that out here!We emailed back and forth for a while and it was really nice to be in touch with another blogger! It's something instant that you have in common, but also to both of our surprise, Charlotte had just graduated to a university I have applied to go to next year! I really don't know how Viola managed that one!

Anyway onto the exciting bit... THE PRESENTS! Charlotte totally outdid me and spoilt me rotten, I honestly don't know how she bought so perfectly. Firstly there were some 'Waikiki Melon' Yankee Candles, anyone that knows me knows that I am a huuuge candle lover and these smell gorgeous (and have my name in them...).

Then there was a block calendar, she said it was to help me keep organized at sixth form and I'm sure it will but also during the holidays because I never can remember what day, let alone date, it is! Just me?

Next an English Literature student's dream: bookmarks that you can write notes on about all sorts of ideas and questions that pop into your head as you read. This will be so helpful for school but also for pleasure reading when I have a few questions in my head that I want to come back to later!

Then there was a little notepad which Charlotte said I should put in my bag to write down blog ideas when they come into my head. I try to do this on my phone but I never check the notes section and end up forgetting all about them. I love notebooks and to have one specifically for my blog will help me to get much more organised so think of this as a present for you guys too!

 Last but not least was 'Fiesta: The Sun Also Rises' by Ernest Hemingway. I've actually never heard of this book or author!! Shame on me! But Charlotte said she began reading his books around the time she was applying to uni and it's similar to The Great Gatsby! This is a good enough description for me and I can't wait to read it. I love when books are recommended to me!

So there we go, I am so grateful for all of my presents. They were all so thoughtful and I think I have found a good friend in Charlotte too. I want to thank Viola for organising this too, I love a sense of community between us, it makes blogging all the more fun!



  1. So so pleased that we were paired with each other and that you liked everything =] x

  2. Hi lovely,
    The bookmarks are really handy and I love the block calendar! I’m so glad you enjoyed the swap :)
    I’m doing a round-up post very soon so keep your eyes peeled!
    Viola xo


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