Monday, 25 August 2014

Why do we wear Make-Up?

I have never been someone who covers their face in make-up but I know a lot of people that wear it pretty much every day and depend upon it as something that makes them feel more confident and socially acceptable. I do feel the pressure to wear make-up to certain places such as school or parties, this is probably because there are people in both situations that I want to impress and really it just makes me feel good and gives me extra confidence. But really a trip to the supermarket or to my best friends house doesn't really call for a smoky eye and bright red lipstick.

The internet is full now of beauty gurus and beautiful women who dedicate their careers to make-up, we give each other tips and advice on how to make your face look perfect or like your favourite celebrity. Why do we feel the need to do this and not just embrace our natural selves?

When you really think about the concept it seems so ridiculous. As women we don't feel that our true skin is acceptable in public, when we want to impress someone we put powder, concealer and mascara on our face because we believe that this will make them think we are beautiful, or for this they will like us more. Usually men don't wear make-up, if they have a spot or dark circles under their eyes they just accept it and go about their day. I am not suggesting that they don't have insecurites but if they can survive without make-up then women should be able to as well.

I urge anyone who feels pressure to wear make-up to try just one day bare faced in public. This doesn't have to be at work or school if that's not something you feel comfortable with but even just to go shopping in town. Try one day without make-up and see if anyone even notices, I can almost guarantee that nobody will care in the slightest because people talk to you for your amazing personality and this won't stop because you don't have a flawless complexion and voluminous eyelashes. (Not to mention it will save you A LOT of money trying out all the latest products)

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