Monday, 28 July 2014

Who am I?

Hello there!

I've decided that over summer I really want to get into this blog. The past posts on here have been ones that I've written to be published at a media company I volunteer for, but now I want to make this an active blog rather than a portfolio.

I have always to write a blog because I dream of becoming a journalist. I have always loved writing and one day I would love to be working for a big magazine sipping coffee in an office with top writers and editors as we get sent free doughnuts and I get to do what I love everyday and get paid for it! (And I'm constantly on my Bloglovin app reading my favourite blogs, but more on that in another post)
I haven't completely decided on my niche yet, but I am writing as a teenage girl about things that interest me and by default (I hope) will interest a lot of you too!
I love books, which inspired me to start writing,  also music and films so there will be some reviews on here of current releases in all three of those areas. Also, like a lot of teenage girls, I have a lot of opinions on the world so I will have a rant about them now and again which will probably be on  topics a lot of us get angry or passionate about. I'm planning to write a post every week or two, perhaps more over summer while I have more time on  my hands.

So basically this will be a window into my brain,  but I think a lot of people will be able to relate and I hope I can interest you enough that you will start reading my posts on a regular basis.

Speak soon,

Mel :)

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