Wednesday, 30 July 2014

YouTube and Celebrity Idols

Recently on YouTube there has been a discussion going round about YouTube culture and how the normal people making videos, which just started out as a hobby, are now seen as celebrities. When their fans meet them they scream at them and wait for hours and hours in line for a 30 second interaction with them. This was started by 'Sprinkle Of Glitter' (Louise) and the video was titled 'YouTube Culture' which is linked if you click on the picture above.

This has started to make me think about what an idol is, and what makes us select certain people as our idols. Louise mentioned that she gets comments saying she's 'perfect' and people 'wish they could be like her'. But we only see a certain side of her that she wants us to see. This is the same with celebrities that are actors or singers. Apart from the odd paparazzi photo of them coming out of the gym, we only know what they let us see through their work or what a gossip magazine tells us which may not always be 100% true. 

I am not saying we shouldn't look up to these people, I'm sure everyone has at least one celebrity that they look up to for one reason or another! But you should never believe they are perfect because you do not know their private self, you only see the persona they have on the internet, the television or the radio.

In my case, I look up to BeyoncĂ©. This does not mean I think she could never do anything wrong and I want to be her, I don't. There are certain qualities BeyoncĂ© has that I admire and try to take on into my life and my personality. For example she is incredibly hard working and wants to make herself the best she can at her craft. I think this is something everyone should try and do, she isn't someone who will settle for a 9-5 job where she turns up every day, does the same thing and goes home. She is constantly looking at herself and her music and thinking 'Where can I take this next?'. She pushes boundaries and will give her heart and soul into what she wants until she achieves it. 

I admire her because that is the reason she got where she is, it wasn't handed to her on a silver plate. But on the other hand there will be things that she does that I don't agree with but that does not mean I admire her any less. This is the same with a friend or relative, you love them but there are always going to be qualities that you don't like in them, as they will not like certain qualities you have.

I think you should have lots of idols with qualities you admire and feel inspired by. You pick out these qualities and think 'I should be more like this', an idol changes your outlook and mentality for the better. However, even people you know should not be totally idolised. Nobody is perfect. To be consumed by someone you think you know and you think is incredible is not healthy. 

So in my opinion your idol should be the version of yourself that you want to be, using qualities from people you admire: your mum's emotional strength, your favourite singers work ethic, your best friend's positivity. Anything you see in someone and think 'Wow I would love to be like that' should be put towards your overall 'sculpture' of your idol. It is better to do this than wish you were someone else because you can never be anyone different from who you are so you may as well make yourself into someone you can admire.

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